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An image of a woman looking at her phone with nodes and math representing digital networks hovering around her. The text over the image reads "What Do Network Administrators Do?" and the CDS Logo on the top left corner.

This article has been updated with information and salary estimates for 2024. You can read the original version of this post here.

The importance of network availability ensures that this job role will be needed for years to come. The Network Administrator role can be a starting point in IT or a lifelong career because of the massive amount of skills to be learned.

Network Administrators are primarily responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining all network hardware, software, and communication links. They also make sure that employees’ workstations are working efficiently and stay connected to the central computer network.

Network Administrator Salary

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts 5% to 8% job growth by 2032 for Computer Network Specialists. The national average salary for a Computer Network Support Specialist is $71,530* and the projected number of job openings for Computer Network Support Specialists is 13,300*.

*Computer Network Support Specialists (O-NET OnLine 15-1231.00 National Trends), 2023. Salary ranges vary based on job experience.

Network Systems Administrator Job Description

Network systems administrators ensure an organization’s reliable and stable connection to the network. This involves working on individual employees’ computers network connection as well as the organization’s overall network infrastructure. This role is often highly collaborative and requires good communication skills to troubleshoot issues as well as a high level of problem-solving ability and innovation to implement a high-functioning network system. Network systems administrators are also often responsible for a bit of cybersecurity including updating and installing anti-virus software.

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Network Administrator Certifications

Network systems administrators, like most other IT professionals, need to continue their education to stay on top of technological developments and provide the best network systems administration to their organization. Certification programs that are good for breaking into Network Systems Administration include:

  • CompTIA Network+
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

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Network Systems Administrator Job Titles

The network systems administrator job role has evolved a lot since computers and the internet became mainstream and so has the verbiage surrounding this career path. Common job titles to look for when searching for a network systems administration role are:

  • Network Security Manager
  • Wireless Network Engineer
  • Network Architect
  • Network Programmer
  • System Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Security Administrator

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How to Become a Network Systems Administrator

As businesses of all sizes are increasingly required to keep up with technological advances in order to reach their audiences, stay ahead of the competition, and run smoothly, the demand for Network Systems Administrators is increasing. Career Development Solutions offers training in Network Systems Administration and TONS of other IT job roles taught by our highly rated, enthusiastic, and experienced instructors.

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