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Student Testimonials

Hear From Our Former Students

Discover how our career training programs have transformed the lives of individuals just like you. From landing dream jobs to unlocking new opportunities, hear firsthand from our satisfied clients about the impact our courses have had on their professional journeys. Get inspired and take the first step towards achieving your career goals today!
  • I took my CompTIA Security+ classes at Career Development Solutions to help me get ready for my certification. The computer-based learning classes allowed me to learn at my own pace and as a Veteran I was able to use my veteran education benefits. Everything was too easy and worked out great! I plan to definitely go back to take other computer classes.
    Jerry Ventura
    Senior Security Analyst at Warner Brothers
  • Career Development Solutions is perfect for the working professional. The course schedules can be tailored to meet your needs. The staff is courteous and professional and they are ready to help facilitate student success.
    Michael Brooks
    Former CDS Student
  • Career Development Solutions is a great place that changed my life, and I tell the staff there when I go back and visit that it was life changing for me to go to CDS. That was a pivotal moment in my life, and if I could go back again I would do it again. And I would probably take more classes. I still attend there from time to time when I need a refresher, I go back and I take advantage of the classes and the awesome instructors that they have.
    Oscar Alvarez
    Cybersecurity Manager
  • Participating in the Incumbent Worker Training program has allowed our employees to receive the needed training to expand their job skills beyond typical on-the-job training. This also aligns our employees to be more promotable, which is one of our company core values.
    Julia C.
    Louis Industries, Inc., Paynesville, MN
  • I wanted to refresh my technical skills and decided on a security-related path with the guidance and support of my academic advisor. I have landed an excellent technical job and find myself daily tapping into the knowledge I gained from my classes at Career Development Solutions. Even with thirty years of experience, my progress on finding a new job was stalled due to my lack of credentials. As soon as I added the certifications to my resume, things really opened up for me on my job hunt.
    Mary Lynn
    Former CDS Student
  • From staying home for more than 10 years and then my husband passing away, I was kind of depressed because I wasn’t confident to go out and get a job. I would recommend Career Development Solutions to anyone that I know. I myself will go back to them if I need training later.
    Elizabeth Nguyen
    Microsoft Office Specialist
  • The training provided by Career Development Solutions has been integral in expanding my knowledge and skillset. I have a deeper comprehension of network protocols and cybersecurity practices and tools that enables me to support more advanced projects. I have taken over the chair position for the Certified Ethical Hacker Workshop provided by Raytheon for internal employees. I am assisting senior engineers in focusing their studies to obtain their CEH certification.
    Jonathan Chang
    Systems Engineer, Raytheon IDS
  • The Career Development Solutions courses have been great so far and I am looking forward to my next one. They provide us with good examples and great instructors who have a deep understanding of what they are teaching as well as some serious firsthand experience with the course subject matter. It's allowed me to get a better understanding of what I am dealing with here at work on a day-to-day basis.
    Michael Dueñas
    Help Desk Manager
  • It all started with my lay-off from Boeing. I thought my life was over. Not so. I am doing so well and I want you to share this with you. Career Development Solutions and OneStop gave me the opportunity for CompTIA Network+ and CCNA training which is making me glow at work. I am so appreciative to Lisa, Jeremy and Marcy from OneStop...oh and Marcus who is an awesome IT mentor. My life has been forever changed. I strive to grow and learn everyday. You’re awesome. I had to stop and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was thinking of all my thankfulness as the year winds down.
    Anthony Voce
    Communications Security
  • My needs for the class were met and exceeded. There was a lot of flexibility in how we could make it work with it. Being remote, I was able to join in from all over, but there were options where the classes were recorded to go back, so if it was missed, that was really helpful. I think what I wasn't expecting was there to be such a camaraderie amongst the class that made it inviting for me to want to come back, and to stay invested when it got hard.
    Monique Arredondo
    Former CDS Student
  • I was able to get a job from my training at Career Development Solutions! This is my first job that offers me benefits. I'm so excited! I hope to build a career with this company and will definitely keep you updated on my progress. Thank you again!
    Ginnel Gibson
    Medical Billing Assistant
  • So for me, at the time when I was attending, I was running the entire shop at my company and I was new to networking. So being able to learn those skills at Career Development Solutions really enhanced my value added to the company. I was able to solve problems quicker, able to target our purchases a lot better, so I kept our overhead and our operational expenses lower.
    Oscar Alvarez
    Cybersecurity Manager
  • I thought I would reach out and get some courses or certifications and it took me to a whole different field...I was able to get certified in some of the subjects, and after I put them on my resume I was able to find a job. Career Development Solutions was the best thing that happened to me because it put me on the right track to where I wanted to be and it was when I most needed it.
    Sheri Azer
    Project Management Professional
  • I want to thank you and the Career Development Solutions staff for all the work you’ve done to help me advance in my business. The class I took was excellent. The instructor-led course fulfilled everything I thought it would be and more… detailed instruction of Dreamweaver, new techniques, hot tips, and more.
    Barry La Vette
    Buttah Design
  • I was unemployed and referred to Career Development Solutions by a local EDD office. I choose Career Development Solutions to further my skills and be a well-rounded candidate to ultimately secure employment. My favorite learning modality was OLL (Online Live®) because of the way I was able to interact with the teacher. I will always remember the shortcuts in Excel that will drastically save me time!! It was perfect, I wouldn't change anything.
    Brandon Howard
    Former CDS Student
  • Well, in the very beginning, I thought that I would prefer in-person learning. But then, after the first online class, I said, "This is great." I felt like it was a plus. I could be alone to mess up. I really did enjoy the online class. I liked it because I didn't have to think about anything else. I didn't have to know all those people. I just had to tell myself, "Concentrate and study." I was glad that I was at home.
    Debbie Beard
    Former CDS Student
  • Career Development Solutions is so wonderful. I couldn’t have gotten the training done without the online classes, materials, and teachers, who have a lot of experience so they can answer your questions right away.
    Elizabeth Nguyen
    Microsoft Office Specialist
  • I was one of your students for the Network+ course like 2 months ago. I wanted to stop by and say thank you!!!! I passed my core 2 A+ exam today. The document you sent me with review material helped me so much. Once again I appreciate the help you gave me. Have a wonderful day!!
    Italo Granados
    Former CDS Student
  • Career Development Solutions has made me more successful in college and on the job. Everything I know now about networks and cybersecurity has come together thanks to Career Development Solutions... and it’s made me better at school and in the workplace. I’m always adding skills to my toolbox, and Career Development Solutions gives me the additional skills I need.
    Anthony Voce
    Communications Security
  • Honestly, the biggest takeaway from taking these at CDS is the ability to be confident in what I do at work. When there's a complex problem, there could be a lot of other professionals, even networking professionals, that have taken these courses. But with a hands-on approach that I got and I received while at CDS empowered me to be able to come back and not be afraid to make the changes I needed and test them and implement them and successfully complete a task on time and on budget.
    Oscar Alvarez
    Cybersecurity Manager
  • As a small company, funding for training can be difficult to set aside, so the Incumbent Worker Training has provided us a way to train and grow our employees. It’s gratifying to watch employees grow, develop, and promote into new roles because of the training they have received.
    Lisa P.
    HR Generalist, Pinnacle Climate Technologies, Sauk Rapids, MN
  • I'm a pen and paper type of person, so this was intimidating to me. With the classroom environment, I had dual monitors. I was able to connect with the instructors, other students, and the support staff. You don't get that at home. Getting help in real time and connecting with other students was a huge help... It was a great opportunity for me to touch on my skills and keep sharpening them. I was rusty, but now I'm an expert.
    Terry Lynn Miller
    Former CDS Student
  • What a privilege it is to be taking the Microsoft SQL Database with Business Intelligence course at Career Development Solutions. Now I am confident that when I graduate and earn my certificate I will be able to compete in the marketplace for suitable gainful employment. This makes a tremendous difference to me and my family.
    Tim Bartel
    Independent SQL Developer
  • For me the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training removed the mystique of ‘Six Sigma’, and replaced it with a practical process improvement methodology for solving everyday business problems. What sets this course apart is the integration of passionate class room instruction with the real-life application through each student’s individual project.
    Otis Walker
    Project Manager
  • My CEO really appreciated the time I spent furthering my education at CDS. And they were more than willing to help pay for it, but luckily at the time, you know, CDS was able to help me with paying for that through Veteran Solutions, and that was a godsend. It really did change my life, to be honest with you, knowing how the network worked and what was on my network helped me be a better technician and definitely provided the company with huge value added as an employee.
    Oscar Alvarez
    Cybersecurity Manager
  • Increasing my technical know-how in the IT industry and providing my company with the ability to obtain more government contracts was the driving force behind obtaining my certifications. My training advisor was insightful in working with me to formulate a training solution that was geared toward my specific needs. Ultimately it was because of the attention to detail, the willingness and support from my instructors, and my educational guidance that I chose Career Development Solutions.
    Fernando DeCoster
    Network Engineer with DoD Contractor
  • Developing new skill sets is important, and Career Development Solutions is an integral part of my success. The smartest thing any veteran can do is take advantage of Career Development Solutions... They have an affinity for veterans, care about veterans, and provide all of the resources possible to help veterans succeed.
    Anthony Voce
    Communications Security
  • Getting training is important, but Career Development Solutions is more than a training center. An integral part of the organization is the staff behind the great training opportunities. The persons in accounts, marketing, mentored learning support, IT, and front office staff all contributed to my excellent experience; each person was a supportive element to the organization and to its customers, the students. Each time I needed support to get a question answered or technical assistance a staff member was available to help me. Moreover, I had a few chats with staff in the break room where each time I was personally engaged with, I was asked where I was in my training process, and how was I achieving my occupational goals. Equally important, all the instructors I had were supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend Career Development Solutions as your training center, not just for training but for encouragement, support, and the human element of professional enrichment.
    Robert Dan Allan
    Quickbooks Specialist/Inventory Project Manager
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