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What to Expect

What’s it like to attend class with us? The best way to know is to see for yourself! Watch a class demonstration, listen to students talk about their experiences with Dr. Melodie, and learn more about our courses through our Career Training Program of the Month videos. You don’t need to wonder what it’s like to be a Career Development Solutions student, you can learn more here!

Class Demos

Watch one of our live class recordings below and get a firsthand look at our dynamic instructional approach, practical real-world applications, and expert guidance.

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ is a critical class for any aspiring IT expert. Watch Matt talk about DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and DNS (Domain Name System) protocols, two of the most important protocols for computer networking, to get a sense of what our IT courses are like.

Microsoft Excel 2019

So many of us use Excel, but how many of us are experts? Let Jaqueline explain functions in Excel and the many ways you can use them to collect, analyze, and better understand complex data. 

Dr. Melodie's Learning Bytes

Haven’t been back to school in a while? That’s okay! Dr. Melodie has the answers to some of the most popular questions adult students have about career training. As one of our top instructors, she loves hearing from her former students and asking questions about their struggles and triumphs in online learning. Watch some of her most recent interviews on our YouTube channel.

Some of our Favorites:

Career Training Program of the Month

Each month we’ll be highlighting one of our most popular programs. Keep an eye out for related content from us all month, then join us for a webinar explaining how that program can lead to your next career!

Watch any of the following episodes or start the full playlist below:

Fastest Growing Jobs

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