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This article is the 1st in a new series of blogs authored by our expert CDS Instructors. Read others in the series here as they’re released: Instructor Blog Series.

Demystifying File Management

In the age of cloud technology, there is a lot of confusion about how file management has changed! There was a sudden shift that drastically changed how we handle digital files now compared to how have handled files for the last few decades … and many companies are just now realizing the importance of training on this change because files are currently in a much more communal space than ever before.  This means one person’s mistake can affect the team, department, or even the whole company!

For example, with Microsoft 365 there are many apps to attach, upload, or create a file … but only two real places that files get stored: OneDrive or SharePoint. This means that when someone attaches a file to a post in a Microsoft Teams Channel, they are not always aware of where the file actually goes. Not only does that sometimes cause a bit of a scramble in finding the file (a common tale indeed!), but it can lead to security concerns when someone sees the file when they should not … or vice versa where someone cannot access the file because of where it wound up.

One Universal Truth

I teach a class like “Teams” or “SharePoint” or “Introduction to Microsoft 365” and most questions are invariably file related. Questions like:

  • How can I see who has access to the file?
  • What is the difference between an attachment and a share link?
  • Someone overwrote my file and I’ve lost all my changes – what can I do to fix it or prevent it?
  • When should I upload to OneDrive versus SharePoint?

When you take classes with Career Development Solutions that involve the cloud, these topics are often part of the curriculum because if there is one universal truth in the cloud, it is that EVERYONE needs to know how files work nowadays. No matter your industry, position, or data – the rules of the game have changed no matter the player, no matter the team.

Our instructors also encourage questions in class. If we have the time and they are relevant enough to the course at hand, we will do our best to answer and even try to incorporate hands-on answers, when possible.

Learn More

I encourage you to take a class, or to send your team our way, so we can minimize the heartache of misunderstanding and underestimating the power of the cloud file. If you would like to learn more about any of our programs and funding that you or your business may qualify for, feel free to reach out here for more information!