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Celebrating Our GRASP Winners: June 2024

Career Development Solutions, Career Training, CDS Team, Leadership
Blog feature image: Celebrating Our GRASP Winners June 2024

At Career Development Solutions, we pride ourselves on upholding our core values: Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Simplicity, and People-First (GRASP). These principles guide our actions, decisions, and interactions, both within our team and with our valued students. Each month, during our companywide Mojo meeting, we honor those who exemplify these values through their outstanding contributions and dedication.

This monthly series shines a spotlight on the remarkable team members who have been nominated by their peers for their exceptional demonstration of our GRASP values. Join us in celebrating their achievements and the positive impact they have on our organization.


CDS Headshot: Patrick Shafer

Winner: Patrick Shafer

Nominated by: Chris Bodo

Reason for Nomination: You can tell that Patrick expresses gratitude for his work through his excellence as a technician.


Winner: No winner in June


CDS Headshot: Phit Thenethamnao

Winner: Phit Thenethamnao

Nominated by: Tina Delgado

Reason for Nomination: Phit is amazing! Despite being gone for a while Phit stepped back into her role and has been doing an amazing job covering enrollment and courseware while Morgan is on leave.   Thank you Phit for all you do!


CDS Headshot: Tina Delgado

Winner: Tina Delgado

Nominated by: Jeremy Janov

Reason for Nomination: I would like to thank Tina for simplifying the billing process by her daily emails letting each guidance counselor know what billing package is needed for the next day. This makes it so easy to look up the sales order and put together the package so she can process the invoices in a timely manner.


CDS Headshot: Jon Struebing

Winner: Jon Struebing

Nominated by: Ashley Glass & Brian Mulholland

Ashley’s Reason for Nomination: Jon hosted our Program of the Month webinar this afternoon and did an amazing job personalizing the content! We presented on Cisco and he helped make the content relate to real student success stories multiple times. Thank you for showing the counselors that our programs are about the people first.

Brian’s Reason for Nomination: I had a B2C lead for Utah and Sarah was out of office.  Jon offered to call him and discuss CompTIA training to help cover.  Jon was great about doing that while I was in B2C too because people come first with Jon.

GRASP Nominator Highlight: Mark Alvarez

In addition to recognizing our GRASP winners, we also want to celebrate those who take the time to nominate their colleagues, showcasing their commitment to our core values. This month, we are proud to highlight Mark Alvarez as our GRASP Nominator for June.

Looking Forward to Next Month’s GRASP Winners

We are proud to have such dedicated and exemplary team members at Career Development Solutions. Their commitment to our GRASP values not only strengthens our organization but also enhances the experience for everyone we serve. Stay tuned for next month’s winners as we continue to celebrate the outstanding contributions of our team.